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    Global Online Recruitment | 2021 Qizhen Young Scholars Forum, Zhejiang University


    Zhejiang University (ZJU) is a prestigious university in China. In order to accelerate the construction of the “Double First-Class” initiative of ZJU and “Ecological Civilization” of China, the College of Environmental and Resource Sciences at ZJU will hold the 2021 ZJU Qizhen Young Scholars Forum on Jan 30, 2021. We sincerely welcome global young talents with research background of environmental science, agriculture, soil science, and related disciplines to participate in this on-line forum of recruitment.


    1. Positions


    ·        ZJU100 Young Professor

    ·        Distinguished (Associate) Research Fellow


    Selection Criteria: To be successful, you will need a doctorate with excellence in high-quality research. Depending on the position you are applying, you should be a recognized or raising leader in your research field. Teaching experiences are desired, and you have the ability to deliver high-quality teaching.


    Salary: The university will provide internationally competitive salary and a compelling benefits package.


    2. Research Fields


    Environmental Science and Technology

    Air/water/soil Pollution Control, Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering, Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Physics, Environmental Toxicology and Health, Environmental Functional Materials,Environmental Policy and Ecological Governance, Environmental Big Data, Atmospheric Environment and Global Climate Change, etc.


    Agricultural Resources and Environment

    Soil Process and Function, Soil Pollution Control and Restoration, Plant Nutrition Biology and Fertilizer Regulation, Remote Sensing and Intelligent Analysis of Resources and Environment, Water Resource Utilization and Protection, etc.



    3. Schedule




     (consider the time difference)

    2021/1/30 Morning

    Academic presentation and communication

    (for applicants from North America or similar time   zones)


    2021/1/30 Afternoon

    Academic presentation and communication

    (for applicants from Asia, Europe, Oceania, or   similar time zones)



    4. Application


    Please submit your application through the link or QR code below before Jan 25, 2021. Your application will be preliminarily reviewed first, and then formal invitation letter will be sent to you. For more information please contact Mrs. He (Phone: +86-571-88982963; email: hzrs@zju.edu.cn)

    Talent Office of Zhejiang University

    College of Environmental and Resource Sciences

    January 16, 2021